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Cycle and discover our heritage

The Railroad of Ciro is historically remembered for it’s steam locomotives, it passes through the landscapes of Hercegovina starting in Mostar alongside the Neretva river all the way across the border of Croatia, ending in Dubrovnik. The construction of this trail started in 1898 and ended in 1901. Today this trail is reconstructed into a cycling track.

  • The excursion starts in Mostar, city in southern Bosnia and Herzegovina, straddling the Neretva River.
    Mostar is famous for the historic monument under UNESCO Stari Most ( Old Bridge).
  • Blagaj is the next stop. This beautiful village-town is situated 12 km from Mostar at the spring of Buna river and a historic tekke (tekija of Derviš monastery).
  • After the tour of Blagaj, we return to Ćira’s bike path, where we continue our journey towards Čapljina along the beautiful valley of the river Neretva and further on to tour in Počitelj..
  • After a brief visit to the Old town of Počitelj and it’s historic monuments, the trip continues in the direction of Mogorjelo.
    Mogorjelo is a Roman villa rustica that dates from the early 4th century. It is situated on a hill off the Neretva branch, 5 km south of Čapljina, alongside the road to Gabela.
  • Lastly after the visit to this unique archaeological monument we are ending our tour in Čapljina, the town and municipality in Bosnia and Herzegovina located about 20 km away from Adriatic Sea.


  1. 09:00   Start point: Mostar
  2. 09:00-17:30   Cycling: Mostar – Blagaj – alongside of Neretva river – Počitelj – Mogorjelo – Čapljina – Mostar
  3. 11:00   Visit: Ottoman village Blagaj
  4. 12:00   On request: Lunch, local cuisine
  5. 15:00   Visit: Ottoman village Počitelj
  6. 16:30   Visit: Mogorjelo, Roman Villa Rustica
  7. 17:45-18:00   End Point: in Čapljina town


  • Road Book (maps or GPX track)
  • Suggestions
  • Assistance


  • Specialized guide: 80 €
  • Lunch: local cuisine
  • Accommodation
  • Transfers

Bicycle rental available

  1. MTB bike – 15€
  2. E-Bike – 35€


  • 20,00 € per person
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