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Montenegro: Top biking trail Salty & Sweet

From Herceg Novi to the Austro­ Hungarian Machu Picchu, through a labyrinth of paths along which the aristocrats of Europe strutted around, and along the old caravan roads to the secret vantage points above the canyons which do not expect us, tickling the heights on the epic ascents and falling into the depths along the endless downhill sections, rushing for the under­ ground rivers and running away from the lake devils, wandering from the highest town in the Balkans to the highest mausoleum in the world, from the Montenegrin Tibet to the Montenegrin Atlantis, searching on behalf of Sherlock Holmes for the M letter hidden within 25 crazy serpentines which collapse into the southernmost fjord of Europe, and all that while eating meat dried on the whirlwind of air streams from the mountains and sea, and tasting, without endor measure, the greenery, sky and blueness – on this route we will touch an authentic Montenegro and get to know better its essence and soul.

The route can be made with the weight on the bike (camping equipment and so on), but because of certain harder sections we recom­mend you to keep the  weight  as light as possible – with good planning one can always spend the night under the roof and also the supplies of food and water do not have to be larger than the half-day. Water avail­ able on all springs along the route is good for drinking.

Because of the remoteness of many sections, it is recommended to ride in a group, and as a minimum of equipment one should always have a map and a compass (or much better, a GPS device), mobile telephone, a torch, basic tools for bike and a spare tyre.

The Top Trail 1 Route is fully marked with signposts, but we strongly recommend you to down­ load the GPS data (track logs and waypoints), which will further make navigation  on  the  route easier and safer from THIS LINK

On the mountain and forest roads, the  distance between the junctions is sometimes only a few tens of meters, and in such cases on the route which is  more  than  600km  long it is impossible to give the distance from the start precisely  enough: if we on

ly cut the  bends in  a different way, our speedometer at  the end may show several kilometers of difference in relation to the values given in this text. Therefore, those values should be taken as guidance only, and for an accurate and easy navigation on the route the best so­lution is the offered GPS track log.

Safety: if the  weather  is  fine, if we feel well and we know  where we are, we are safe on this route. One should not worry about wild animals, and people whom we will meet will be more than kind and willing to help. In katuns (the shepherd’s summer settlements) and villages we can count on an endless hospitality as well. On the tour we will also pass some sections (Herceg Novi, Boka Kotorska Bay) on which the traffic might be heavy (particularly in the tourist season), so one should ride carefully.

Let’s go then – we have a long journey ahead of us!

This trail has been prepared by Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro, while promotional materials have been produced in cooperation with the Regional Development Agency for Bjelasica, Komovi and Prokletije.

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