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Our team of highly trained doctors, with countless hours of experience, is here to give you the best medical service possible

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General dentistry covers a wide range of procedures. The goal of general dentistry is to remove all disease from your mouth

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How former TV producer developed a social media empire

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We meet “Ljubuški Outdoor Festival”

Another 14 days separate us from the largest outdoor festival in Herzegovina - Ljubuški Outdoor Festival, and on that occasion we spoke with Josip Ramljak, secretary of BK Ljubuški. The Ljubuški Outdoor Festival as a whole is a set of sports and...

Top 5 Croatian Coastal Destinations for cyclists

Picking your summer holiday destination might be even harder when you are an avid cyclist. Are there cycling trails, is it bike-friendly or a dangerous environment and what to see are only some of the questions that come to mind when...



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Cycling in Croatia: Tours, Routes, Regions, Races & Islands

Cycling in Croatia is growing in popularity. A look at why Croatia is the new cycling hot spot: biking tips including where, why, how...

8 Most Beautiful Mountain Bike Trails in Slovenia

Wondering if Slovenia has any mtb routes suitable for more experienced cyclists? Yes, it has! Read this article and find the best mountain bike...

Electric Bikes: 9 advantages and 5 disadvantages

We’re going to compare an ebike to a regular bike rather than a motorbike, car, or public transport. In this article, we will look at the main pros and cons of electric bikes compared to regular bikes, as well as some common features between them.

10 spring time tips for a first date with a cyclist

Spring is in the air and passionate cyclists are looking for a partner: The perfect partner shares the same passion for bikes. But: The...

Why sweat and rain should be no barrier to cycling to work

How to deal with the mass transportation of residents and workers is one of the biggest challenges faced by major towns and cities across...

Top 5 bicycle maintenance tips for beginners

No one is born with comprehensive bicycle mechanic skills. That is something you have to learn by doing easy bicycle maintenance yourself, or more...