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Franciskana (MTB)

The Franciscana MTB bike trail is themed, conceived as a trail that connects Franciscan religious buildings and museums in Herzegovina. The longest MTB trail in Herzegovina in its length of 378 km passes through the whole Herzegovina country, allowing users to tour some of the most beautiful parts of rural Herzegovina with mountain bikes (MTB), and get to know the history, natural and cultural beauties of the whole of Herzegovina. Due to its length and weight, it is recommended that this section be divided into several days, so users can ride the 378km section during a multi-day trip, sleeping in accommodation facilities that have a “Bike Friendly Standard” certificate, and taste local cuisine offered by Herzegovinian facilities located along the Franciscana MTB Trail.

Your excursion begins in Široki Brijeg, taking you through the local villages along the Mostar mud all the way to the City of Mostar, which is also the largest city in Herzegovina. You continue your journey along the code section of the “Ćirine pruge” trail, ie along the beautiful landscapes of the Neretva river, rural villages and a trail that is extremely low traffic density, so you will really enjoy cycling.

You drive along the “Ćirina railway” all the way to the village of Šurmanci, from where you continue uphill towards Medjugorje (sanctuary of the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary), and further towards Ljubuški to beautiful natural and historical sites, such as Kravica Waterfall, Koćuša Waterfall or church / museum in Humac. and the oldest museum in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is important to emphasize that you are not in the Herzegovina-Neretva County now, but by entering the municipality of Ljubuški you entered the West Herzegovina County through which you drive further from the Koćuša waterfall to Drinovci where a visit to Peć Mlini is mandatory. .

From Drinovac you continue your journey further towards Posušje, where after leaving Posušje you enter Hercegbosna County, and drive further towards Tomislavgrad. Here it is important to emphasize that you drive through the beautiful parts of Hercegbosna County, and along Buško Blato you continue your journey towards the town of Livno and further towards Šuica where you turn towards Rama and beautiful Rama Lake where we consider a tour of the Franciscan monastery Rama on Šćit.

From Rama you continue your journey by climbing towards Blidinje, ie the Blidinje Nature Park and Lake Blidinje. Entering the Blidinje Nature Park will literally take your breath away with its beauty, and it is located in the high mountains of the central Dinarides, and includes the area of ​​the mountain massifs of Čvrsnica and Vrana. Blidinje Nature Park is one of the most beautiful natural units in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and covers an area of ​​358 km 2 at the foot of the mountains Čvrsnica and Vrana. Here we consider unavoidable tastings of local cuisines, as well as a tour of Masna Luka and the church of St. Elijah in Masna Luka.

After Blidinje, there is a descent along mountain trails towards the town of Široki Brijeg, which is also the end of your trip. During your trip you will visit several religious buildings and museums, such as: Franciscan Monastery in Široki Brijeg, Franciscan Monastery of St. Peter and Paul in Mostar, Cathedral in Mostar, Karađoz-beg Mosque in Mostar, Monastery in Žitomislići, Church of the Merciful Jesus in Šurmanci, Parish Church of St. Jakov in Medjugorje, Franciscan monastery on Humac in Ljubuški, Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Tihaljina, Church of St. Michael the Archangel in Drinovci, Church and Brotherhood of St. Stephen the First Martyr in Gorica, Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Posusje, Franciscan monastery Carmel of St. Elijah on Buško Lake, the Franciscan Museum and Gallery Gorica in Livno, and the Church of St. Peter and Paul in Livno, the Franciscan Monastery of Rama on Šćit and the Church of St. Elijah in Masna Luka.


In addition to the above religious buildings and museums, we definitely recommend to visit:

  • Old Bridge in Mostar
  • Apparition Hill / Križevac in Medjugorje
  • Kravice Waterfall
  • Koćuša Waterfall
  • Adventure park Pec Mlini
  • Ravlica cave
  • Tombstones on Ricina
  • Church of St. Ilija on the shores of Lake Buško
  • Franciscan Museum and Gallery Gorica in Livno
  • Wild horses in Livno
  • Diva Grabovceva in Blidinje
  • Necropolis of  tombstones Dugo polje, Blidinje
  • Cave of Hajduk Mijat Tomic
  • Masna Luka in Blidinje
  • Chapel on Bandurica
  • Spring of river Listica
  • Franciscan Museum in Siroki Brijeg


  • Tavern Goranci in Mostar
  • Restaurant Romanca in Mostar
  • Jaffa Komerc in Mostar
  • Ethno house in Medjugorje
  • Restaurant MOST in Ljubuski
  • Tavern Kucusa in Ljubuški
  • Tavern Peruskovic, Posusje
  • Restaurant Rubin, Tomislavgrad
  • Restaurant Busko Lake
  • Eco village Grabovica, Busko Lake
  • Tavern and Apartments Gaj Prozor Rama
  • Hajducke Vrleti in Blidinje
  • Restaurant Staza in Blidinje
  • Restaurant Bosiljna in Blidinje
  • Restaurant Vrelo Borak, Siroki Brijeg
  • Hotel Park in Siroki Brijeg


In its length of 378 km, the trail leads us through uninhabited and populated areas, we ride on macadam and asphalted sections, and as always we think that on longer rides it is necessary to bring a mini tool and a tool for patching tires, so the rule applies to this section. We definitely recommend that you tell your family or friends about your cycling plans before you go for a ride.

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