MontenegroMontenegro: Top biking trail The stories by the water

Montenegro: Top biking trail The stories by the water

From the pancakes of King Nikola, via the southernmost fiord of Europe, to the swamps of Louisiana. Sleeping on the tower which rules the sunny distances. Along the largest lake in the Balkans, through a magical forest of chestnut and the capital of the pirates, to the nudist beach and the oldest tree in Europe. Can happiness be wet and salty, tingle in the eyes?

Completing this route is not easy. However, in order to tackle it one needs a good, but not top level fitness – far more important will be a positive approach, determination and good planning, so that we always have sufficient time for harder sections. The areas through which we will pass won’t cease thrilling and inspiring us, and the ultimate reward – the poetry of travelling along the exotic areas and the joy to see some of the most beautiful places in Montenegro – will be incomparably greater than the amount of sweat involved. Every genuine nature lover knows that this is a great bargain.

Before setting off it’s good to know:

The route can also be made with the weight on the bike (camping equipment and so on), but because of certain harder sections we recommend you to keep the weight as light as possible – with good planning one can always spend the night under the roof and also the supplies of food and water do not have to be larger than the half-day. Water available on all springs along the route is good for drinking. A minimum of equipment: a map and a compass (or much better, a GPS device), a mobile telephone, a torch, basic tools for bike and a spare tyre.

The route is fully marked with signposts, and from this web site one can download the GPS data (track logs and waypoints), which will make navigation on the route easier and safer.

Safety: apart from heavier traffic in certain rather short sections, there are no many other reasons for worry – this route enters the real wilderness in no place, and people whom we will meet will be more than kind and willing to help.

Let’s go then…

This trail has been prepared by Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro, while promotional materials have been produced in cooperation with the Regional Development Agency for Bjelasica, Komovi and Prokletije.


You can take this brochure with you on a ride if you install ISSUU application (iOS |  Android) on your mobile phone, and if you include the brochure into Offline Readlist.

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