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Herzegovina on the largest europian platform for active tourism

Once we had a dream – Herzegovina a paradise for cycling and active tourism!
Herzegovina as an ideal cycling tourist destination, today is a dream that is never closer to us thanks to a group of enthusiasts who believed in their dream and worked hard to achieve their goals. And that behind hard work and effort come merits is confirmed by today’s lines of this article, so let’s start.

Active tourism, cycling and long-distance cycling are a growing tourism trend that has changed the way many travelers experience a new destination. The challenge of cycling through rural parts of the country, villages, mountains, and even river valleys and cities, accompanied by the slower pace that comes with this mode of transport, has made cycling one of the fastest growing tourist trends, a new experience for many travelers looking for active holidays. a deeper and more authentic experience with the destination in which they reside.

Members of the “HerzegovinaBike” association were aware of this, while in recent years they have been persistently working on their goals and promoting Herzegovina as an ideal cycling destination, and their voice has reached as far as Germany. From this year, the tourist offer of Herzegovina will be found on Outdoor Active, the largest europian platform for active tourism, and it is important to say that this platform has more than 10 million users of active tourism, users who are potential visitors tomorrow and our country.

“It’s great news for tourism in our country. News that in these dark days for tourism and all tourism workers somehow gives us hope for a better tomorrow and gives that light at the end of the tunnel we’ve been waiting for. It’s true that Outdoor Active is expanding its In fact, this is a topic we have been discussing since last year, when we went to Belgrade for their presentation of the project of the cycling route “Belgrade Dubrovnik”, which in one part relies on our Ćira trail. They are aware of how much work we have done here in Herzegovina regarding the development of cycling tourism, from Ćira’s railway with which the whole story starts, to a very large network of bicycle paths, BikeFriendly Standard that we are developing with Redakh, education cycling guides, all the way to the excellent promotional events we organize in Herzegovina “, said Toni Zorić, president of the HerzegovinaBike association.

“To be honest, at the beginning of our talks, we were not even aware of how strong the company we were talking to was, until we got moderation powers on their platform to fill it with tourist content and offers from Herzegovina. And that is already a real job today, our members of the association are already working on this platform and enter the tourist offer, trails, accommodation facilities, destinations that we have on our website HerzegovinaBike. We are convinced that tomorrow, when this situation with the crown passes and when tourism returns to normal, we will have a very large number of tourists through the OutdoorActive platform “, added Zorić.

It is important to say that not only cycling tourism is offered at Outdoor Active, there is also a lot of active form of tourism, such as hiking, winter sports, skiing, water sports, all the way to accommodation, gastronomic offers, destinations and more.

“Several other associations through projects cooperate with OutdoorActive and do a great job bringing the entire tourist offer of Bosnia and Herzegovina to this German platform. Through the projects through which we cooperate we got the opportunity to do a good job and develop excellent cooperation in the years ahead. very positive and great things. We are aware, we have a big job ahead of us, but we also know how much this business will be for the common good in the days when tourism flourishes again and that is what gives us the impetus to work and move forward, “he said. is Zoric.

Herzegovina – California … often our fellow citizens can jokingly say and draw a parallel thinking about the climate we have in Herzegovina. And often while we were saying this we were not even aware of how right we are, the ideal geographical position, close to the sea, close to the mountains and of course the nature that surrounds us, the destinations we own, it is increasingly certain that tourism is the next thing in our country. we need to work hard in that direction.

Cyclo tourism is a hobby that combines tourism and cycling, the activity consists of discovering new places, landscapes and places or even often to visit countries and countries that use bicycles as a means of transport. How certain it is that Herzegovina will become the next cycling tourist destination, write to us in the comments


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