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Family tour Magadino plain


The Magadin plains on the left and right sides of the Canton of Ticino are one of the largest vegetable growing areas in Switzerland and two major tourist attractions: Bellinzona, the capital of the region, and Locarno in the lake. Maggiore; Mediterranean climate and subtropical vegetation, the starting point of Bellinzona is strategically located at the southern entrance of the Alps of San Gotthard, San Bernardino and Lucmanil, which has the characteristics of Lombard and is called here the best. This magnificent fortress stands on the skyline of the capital of the Canton of Ticino and consists of three of the best-preserved medieval castles in Switzerland. The Magadinskaya Plain, named after the city of Magadino, is located at the southeastern end of the lake. Part of it consists of vast gardens and the so-called “Bolle di Magadino” plain, which is one of the last unused river deltas in Switzerland. “Bolle” translated from Italian means swamp and swamp. This sunny route passes through Verzasca; or more precisely, what remains after the water flows through the most famous dam in the James Bond movie. There are approximately 2200 hours of sunshine per year in this area.

The itinerary is quite varied, first in Bellinzona, then a long stretch on the Ticino embankment, then, after crossing it, it continues among fields.
Then on the Magagnino plain you walk about 3 km between nurseries and farms.
The scenery then changes again when you reach the lakeside and continue in the direction of Locarno.

The route is in its entirety – and certainly the stretch between Tenero and Locarno – suitable for children, both with their bicycle and possibly transported on a child seat and / or trailer.

The route is marked with signs in the shape of arrows / rhombuses that contain the pictogram of the bicycle in a burgundy field.

Returning to Bellinzona, if you do not want to do it by retracing the outward journey in the opposite direction, is easily feasible with an SBB train.
The Locarno station is north of point T and can be reached in 2 minutes along the avenue of the station.

There is a train to Bellinzona every 30 minutes (it seems to me at .03 and .33), and almost all of them provide bicycle transport. In 30 minutes, for around CHF 7.20, you can comfortably return to where you left your car.

The itinerary is varied, starting at Bellinzona, then a long Ticino promenade, then crossing, passing further between the fields, and then along the Maganino Plain. After hiking about 3 kilometers between the nursery and the farm, the landscape changed again. …To the shore of the lake and continue on towards Locarno. The entire route-and of course the section between Tenero and Locarno-is suitable for children with bicycles, possibly with child seats and/or trailers. The route is marked with an arrow/hash sign, which contains a bicycle symbol in a burgundy field. If you do not want to return to Bellinzona, you can easily take the SBB train. Locarno Railway Station is located north of point T and can be reached within 2 minutes via the railway station. Trains to Bellinzona depart every 30 minutes (I think 0.03 and 0.33), and most subways are serviced by bicycles.In 30 minutes, for approximately 7.20 Swiss francs, you can comfortably return to where you boarded the bus.

Technical information

Start locationBellinzona
Ascent100 m
Descent130 m
Distance22 km
Distance on natural surface1 km
Technical requirementsEasy
Physical requirementsEasy
Elevation profile 100Meter ascents
 130Meter descents
 Show elevation profile 
SignalizationSignalisation in both directions
More informationhttps://www.schweizmobil.ch/en/veloland/route40207…
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