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Shepherd’s Cycling Trails

The largest part of this route passes through rural parts of West Herzegovina, providing perfect conditions for mountain biking. Shepherds’ Trail is a network of local roads which was used to take cattle to grazing during summer, from the Herzegovinian lowlands regions to the area of Čvrsnica and Vran mountains. The travel took several days on gravel roads. During their stay in the mountainous area, cattle breeders and their families lived in traditional summer dwellings, which still represent one of the most characteristic symbols of the Blidinje Nature Park. From visiting remote villages to mountain passes along this 70.3 kilometer long route, you will discover the most hidden corners of nature in West Herzegovina. 

The excursion begins in Ljubuški with a visit to the Kravice waterfall, which is a natural phenomenon under state protection as a natural rarity. After enjoying the beauty of the Kravica raft, we continue our journey through the rural parts of Herzegovina through local villages in the desire to discover the rural tourism of Herzegovina and the life of the local population. Upon entering the City of Široki Brijeg, a tour of the museum and the Franciscan monastery of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is unavoidable.
After visiting the monastery, the easier part of the trip follows – the descent to the City of Široki Brijeg, and refreshments in the restaurant Vrelo Borak where you can taste local specialties and local cuisine. The right refreshments in front of the difficult part of the road, ie the macadam section and the ascent to Crnče and further towards the municipality of Posušje, ie our final destination Blidinje Nature Park. This section is macadam with a lot of climbs, but the whole route is really beautiful and will simply enchant you, so you will not think about the difficulty of the trip.

Entering the Blidinje Nature Park will literally take your breath away with its beauty, and it is located in the high mountains of the central Dinarides, and includes the area of ​​the mountain massifs of Čvrsnica and Vrana. Blidinje Nature Park is one of the most beautiful natural units in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and covers an area of ​​358 km 2 at the foot of the mountains Čvrsnica and Vrana. Due to its unique geomorphological features, richness of flora and fauna, and beautiful untouched nature, it is a perfect place to escape from the stress of everyday life. Arriving at the Blidinje Nature Park, we end our excursion.

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