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Eight benefits for families who cycle

Cycling is good. Everyone knows that. Most people know biking helps a body stay strong, improves balance and burns calories. Mentally, cycling can boost your mood and zap stress. But what about family biking? What are the benefits of cycling together? Here are the facts.

Cycling enables you to spend quality time with your family

In this modern world, everyone is busy with work, school and family. There is a serious lack of time for personal freedom and luxury; in short, people suffer from time poverty. Thanks to the economic progress, working hours have shrunk, but the commuting time has increased. In fact, most people spend at least 30 to 60 minutes a day going to and from work. Nowadays, most parents don’t have a lot of time to spend with their family members. And this lack of time can strain a relationship with kids. Cycling offers a fantastic solution for this problem, as it helps you enjoy some quality time with your loved ones. Riding with your kids or tandem biking with your spouse can help understanding between each other. And the best part of all is – it’s free once you have your bike.

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Cycling is healthy for you and your loved ones

The health benefits of biking are worth revisiting. For example, if you have gained some extra weight over the years, hitting the roads with your bike will help you shed them fast. Cycling can burn 600 calories an hour and your metabolism will stay revved up for hours afterwards. Interestingly, when cycling along with your family members, you won’t even notice you are working out. In addition, cycling helps your children to be more fitness conscious and prevents them from becoming obese. Bike riding keeps kids active. Most health experts say children need an hour of exercise each day to develop strong, healthy bones and muscles.

Cycling reduces stress

No matter how much you may try to be happy in your life, stress can be a big problem. And the same is true for your children. In fact, childhood stress can have life-long effects. But a bicycle can be a wonderful tonic for worry. If you are a rider, you already know how cycling helps release the stress and make your mind more serene. It can even fill your heart with pure joy. Why not share this wonderful remedy with your family, so they can be less stressed, too? It’s a win-win for everyone.

Cycling is great for everyone’s ticker

Your heart has an important job to do, and cycling makes it stronger. In fact, cycling regularly can make your fitness level 10 years younger. And you are 40 percent less likely to die early if you ride your bike often. Even if you only bike a few times a week, it will lower your blood pressure and boost your energy as well as your mood.

Cycling can get your kids off the couch

Nowadays, kids  tend to spend most of their time at home, which renders them physically inactive. And the fact that a majority of kids prefer gaming consoles and TV to outdoor activities does not help either.  A recent study showed that some teens are more sedentary than their grandparents.  You can introduce cycling as a wholesome alternative to their inactive lifestyle. Because cycling not only helps to improve your body but also serves as a fun activity. And the most important: Cycling offers freedom to kids. Besides, kids will be less reluctant to do exercise if they love the workout, and how can you not love cycling? So lead by example and take your children on bike rides. And the more they see you cycling, the more they’ll want to do it, too.

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Riding a bike helps to know the neighbourhood

Cycling can help you and your kids explore your surroundings. It also gives you the opportunity to get acquainted with your neighbours. Bike riding offers an unique opportunity to get to know the local community. Your children will learn how to navigate the town, so they will be less likely to get lost. As you ride, you can point out important landmarks and buildings to them. In so doing, they’ll know where the police and fire stations are, as well as the local park and playground. When they get older, they’ll be able to go cycling with their friends. No more “mom’s taxi” and more time for parents!

Cycling helps children focus better in school

A recent study out of Norway reveals that school students who engage in outdoor activity can concentrate better. Cycling can give your child an advantage in school by allowing them to pay more attention. Although the study could not completely comprehend the cognitive effects, the results clearly showed the positive effect of cycling on cognitive skills. And guess what? Adults can use some help with their mental skills, too.

Cycling is positive for the planet

Due to an increased greenhouse gas emission, the environment is becoming more toxic with every last day. Most children, especially older kids and teens are concerned about the environment. They want to have a healthy planet. Kids know that if we continue down the road, clean air will be a luxury someday. Although cycling can’t single-handedly avert this impending disaster, it can certainly help mitigate this problem. And it doesn’t take much. If you replace just 30 percent of your car trips below six kilometers with bike trips, you could reduce the CO2 emissions from road traffic by 4 percent. Cycling with kids helps you show them you care about the planet. They will follow your example.

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