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Blagaj – the path of the mystical past

This trail is flat and suitable for recreation. The trail passes by the Old Bridge in Mostar, partly goes along the old Austro-Hungarian railway, passes by the Buna canals, as well as Blagaj where the source of the Buna is located, which is one of the largest and certainly the most beautiful in Europe. The water erupts below 200 meters of a vertical cliff, topped by the ruins of the old town of Duke Stjepan Kosača, the last ruler of Herzegovina, before the Ottoman rule. Seeing so much water forming a river on its own, the Turkish sultan was probably impressed by it, so he ordered a beautiful Dervish tekke to be built next to Vrelo Buna, which today is the most mystical place in all of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The start of the route is on the Spanish Steps in the center of Mostar and it is the starting point of all cycling routes in the Mostar area. The trail goes south and passes near the Old Bridge and continues along the four-lane road to the crossroads towards Rodoč. After 3 kilometers from the start, turn right and continue driving through the villages of Rodoč and Jasenica. At the end of Jasenica (9 km), you cross the 1 km long macadam road that leads to Bačevići and continue along the road where the old Austro-Hungarian railway passed. Cross the old railway bridge and drive to the Buna canals where you cross the bridge and turn left and turn onto the main road M-17. After one kilometer of driving, turn right towards Buna and immediately after that turn left and continue driving along the river Buna. The road leads to the entrance to the village of Blagaj and the trail leads to the source of the river Buna. Above the spring is the old fortress of Duke Stjepan Kosača, which can be reached in part by bicycle, and then it is necessary to continue on foot. The bicycle route returns from Blagaj to Mostar and passes through lavender fields and orchards all the way to the entrance to Mostar, where the trail again briefly joins the M-17 main road (31st km). After 1.5 kilometers, turn left and enter the southern zone of Mostar. The trail leads all the way to the Port Bridge from which you can see the Old Bridge. After that the trail leads to the Spanish Steps where this route ends.

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