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Trebižat Heritage Cycling Trail

The river valley Tihaljina-Mlade-Trebižat, known for its natural splendor, diversity of flora and fauna, and numerous preserved cultural and historical sights, offers plenty of diversity and challenges for all cyclists, offering adventure tourism and much-needed indigenous gastronomic offer. The route is 55.6 kilometers long, and driving along the river valley it passes through three municipalities, Grude, Ljubuški, and Čapljina. Several springs enrich this river valley, and the most important among them are Peć Mlini, Klokun, Vrioštice and Studenčica, together with the beautiful waterfalls Kravica, Koćuša, Čeveljuša, Božjak. The surroundings of this route provide famous archeological sites, such as the Ravlić cave, the Roman camp Gračine, the medieval fortress Herceg Stjepan, the late antique villa Mogorjelo, the oldest museum in Bosnia and Herzegovina on Humac (1884) and many others.

The excursion begins in Ljubuški with a visit to the Kravice waterfall, which is a natural phenomenon under state protection as a natural rarity. After enjoying the beauty of the Kravica Waterfall, we continue our journey through the rural parts of Herzegovina through local villages in the desire to discover the rural tourism of Herzegovina and the life of the local population. Upon entering Ljubuška, a tour of the museum and the Franciscan monastery in Humac is unavoidable. We continue our journey towards Baga’s bridge, where we turn off the asphalted section onto a macadam path, ie Bajer, which is a favorite destination of all lovers of outdoor activities. Driving along Bajer, we come to the Koćuša waterfall, which is located in the village of Veljaci and is one of the most beautiful natural pearls of this part of Herzegovina. The beauty of this waterfall and the nearby landscape will not leave you indifferent. The height of the waterfall is five, and the length is 50 meters, and in the immediate vicinity there are mills and pillars that have adorned this place for years. We continue our journey further towards Tihaljina and the location Peć Mlini, ie Ravlića pećina, which are a beautiful excursion destination. The latest edition is the Peć Mlini Adventure Park, so this location is an unavoidable destination for cyclists. Furthermore, we are expected to climb towards Lake Nuga and further towards Drinovci and Lake Krenica, leading us towards the village of Gorica to the old church and the Brotherhood of St. Stephen the First Martyr. Arriving in Gorica, we end our cycling trip.

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