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10 spring time tips for a first date with a cyclist

Spring is in the air and passionate cyclists are looking for a partner: The perfect partner shares the same passion for bikes. But: The fewest dating websites algorithms are programmed for this species – there are hardly any blogs or magazines that deal with this topic. Therefore, pressedienst‐fahrrad is showing you what you should know on your first date with a passionate cyclist.

First date? Allow the cyclist to determine the location

Cyclists know all the best places in their town. They know where there are nice cafés, cosy beer gardens or romantic spots, which are usually nicer and calmer than the popular “insider tips”. Therefore, rely on the cyclist to choose the location for the first date. Perhaps there’s also a small surprise and you can only get there with a bicycle?

Even if your date has said he/she is a bicycle enthusiast, it does not mean that you have to show up wearing a bicycle jersey and black Lycra trousers. Some die-hard cyclists actually find this combination to be rather unsexy. However, other outfits are also a complete NO!

Choose the perfect outfit

Ladies, avoid wearing a long dress or a pencil skirt: If you spontaneously decide to change locations and your date asks you to hop on to his/her bike rack, your dress might get caught in the spokes. Cycling is completely out of question when you’re wearing a pencil skirt. Men, you’ll be slightly overdressed, if you show up in a fine suit. Choose a more casual outfit in which you are able to move and feel comfortable in. Why not wear sustainable fashion for outdoors.  What you can wear when it rains, can be checked here in the magazine.

Be on time

Cyclists love their freedom. They do not depend on public transport or cars. Therefore, they are usually on time at the agreed meeting place. A red traffic light just before the destination may also get in the way. A small delay is acceptable. But if you make someone wait for your for half an hour, the cyclist will most likely have cycled off into the distance. And there is more: And if you blame public transport or traffic for your delay, you will have to think of a plausible answer to the following question even before your actual date: “Why didn’t you come on your bike?”

No jokes about the bike

You will definitely not be given a second chance to leave behind a first impression. Because: No “witty” sayings about bicycles on the first date. Folding bicycles are not “crazy bikes for children”, but practical mobility solutions. The steel racing bike from the 80s is not a “rust bucket” but a classic.  “Fixed Gear is not a Crime” – but a cult. If you want to be particularly attentive, firstly compliment the wheels. “Great bike” or “nice bike, where did you get it?” are phrases that all cyclists love to hear. This is because their bicycle is their pride.  This will inevitably start up a conversation!

Avoid financial topics

The surprised inquiry: “Five bicycles? How can you afford that?”, this is not something that cyclists want to hear. You don’t appear to be taking your date’s hobby serious. You are also creating the impression that financial questions may also be your forte in the future. On your first date, it would be better for you to find something out about the difference of the individual bikes. Why do you even need five bicycles? Each bike has it’s own purpose and own justification. Your date will definitely want to tell you about the differences. And at the end, throw in the following question: “How do you manage with just five bikes?” Questions on how to finance the hobby can also be asked later on.

Tell the truth about your own cycling habits

Be honest about what cycling means to you. Please! Cyclists will immediately be able to tell if you are not telling the truth. So, if your bike has been vegetating in the cellar for more than five years, be honest about it. As a result your date might see you as a challenge – or perhaps they will want to impress you with a mutual bicycle tour.

Do not run away from (un)known terms

If you date tells you that there is a spoke wrench and a chain whip in the cellar or the store room, you do not need to take to your heels. Your date is not taking about sexual preferences, these are merely the names of tools that are an absolute must in a good bicycle repair shop. A new chain whip may even be a nice little gift for your next date, what do you think? It’s definitely something to laugh about …

Take your bike to bed

Do not be surprised: Cyclist often take their bicycles into their bedrooms. This is not a quirk. It’s simply a pragmatic solution against theft. It goes without saying that you do not want to leave your prized possession on the streets. No stairway is too narrow. No storey too high. Sometimes just turn a blind eye …

Do not become a control freak

You will quickly have to learn that you will have to share your partner – with the bicycle. You mus never display signs of jealousy. Ambitious cyclists make training plans available online on various apps . But, be careful: Do not snoop around your partner, or you may become addicted. You can use that time in a more efficient manner – e.g. go cycling!

But do not come home with a tandem bike

Okay, after having been given so much interesting information about the greatest means of transport in the world, you are obviously hooked. However: After your first date, do not start suggesting tandem tours along the Elbe cycle path and do not preventatively start packing panniers. Your date may get overwhelmed very quickly …

by Bike Citizens feat. PD-F

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