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Cycling Rural: West Herzegovina Lakes

One of the most beautiful trails, but also equally challenging and demanding, since in its length of 85 km it offers almost 2,500 meters of altitude difference. A trail that offers an abundance of natural beauty, cultural and historical heritage with tasting of local cuisine and specialties. A journey that is sure to leave you satisfied.

The excursion starts at the location Peć Mlini where one of the most beautiful adventure attractions. We continue towards Drinovci with a visit to the artificial lake Nuga Krenica, on the river Trebižat, near the settlement Drinovci, in the area of the municipality of Grude. We start the journey with a slight ascent to the Bartuluša cemetery, and descend towards Drinovci, passing by the church of St. Michael the Archangel, and further towards Lake Krenica, which is located in Drinovacko polje and is a unique natural beauty in Grude. This is our second lake that we will visit on this trip, and after visiting Lake Krenica we continue on the asphalt road to Sovići and Gorica, where we come to the old church of St. Stjepan and the Brotherhood of St. Stephen the First Martyr. Here you can take a break and replenish water supplies, because after this place there is a macadam climb towards Posušje. In certain parts of the climb, we briefly enter the Republic of Croatia and return to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

After entering Posušje, we continue our journey along the asphalt section and ascent towards Rakitno and further towards our final destination, the Blidinje Nature Park and Lake Blidinje. This section is asphalt with a lot of climbs, but the whole route is really beautiful and will simply enchant you, so you will not think about the difficulty of the trip.

Entering the Blidinje Nature Park will literally take your breath away with its beauty, and it is located in the high mountains of the central Dinarides, and includes the area of the mountain massifs of Čvrsnica and Vrana. Blidinje Nature Park is one of the most beautiful natural units in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and covers an area of 358 km 2 at the foot of the mountains Čvrsnica and Vrana. Due to its unique geomorphological features, richness of flora and fauna, and beautiful untouched nature, it is a perfect place to escape from the stress of everyday life. Arriving at the Blidinje Nature Park, we end our excursion.

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